About your Host

Vanessa Westwell will be your host for Your Writer’s Retreat. She is a multi-talented wise woman, with a wealth of life and business experience to share.

Vanessa will be your life coach in residence, therapist, agony aunt, mum, sister, buddy, tour guide, dinner companion and cook. When not helping you to stay on task and create your masterpiece, she will be working with her clients on Skype, writing her novel and painting her acrylic abstracts. She may also be doing the laundry and walking the dog – but not all at the same time…

Vanessa has a Psychology degree and a Diploma in Training Management. Her career was in corporate Training & Development before she became a Freelance Consultant and Business Coach. Later, she added Life Coaching and Energy Healing to her tool-kit. Vanessa is a Professional Life Coach and a Certified Practitioner of The Emotion Code.™ She is also Certified in Matrix Birth Re-imprinting and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and is currently working on her Certification to be a Body Code™ Practitioner.

In 2012, Vanessa wrote and self-published her self-help guidebook: Travelling Light – how to live lightly in your mind, body, heart and soul. She also personally formatted the e-book version. (Click here to buy a copy of the e-book). She is currently writing her first novel, a comedy. For her Business Coaching clients, she is often asked to read and edit website content, blogs and e-books.

Vanessa is not a trained writing coach. She is not a former school teacher and she cannot explain English Grammar to you. However, she can read fast, give useful feedback and proof-read like a demon. And she knows how to use her Coaching skills and Energy Healing tool-kit to overcome procrastination, fear, low self-confidence, self-sabotage and over-analysis which can all cause writer’s block.

You can see that Vanessa is a creative and fun person to brainstorm with. If you need help or get stuck she is a good resource, and she will do all she can to help you achieve your goals for your Retreat.

“Working with Vanessa and The Body Code helped to release a hidden heart wall and freed up emotions and beliefs that I never knew I had. Since the process I have felt very different. The Body Code is an enlightening and unique tool that can get to the heart of an issue and help clear the emotional blocks in the way. Vanessa is very caring and thorough in her approach to her work and passionate about helping others”. JH

She will be ably assisted by Molly Moo the Wonder Dog. Molly is a beautiful, loving, quiet and funny German Shepherd dog, which Vanessa found and rescued, soon after arriving in Crete. Amazingly, Molly rarely barks and spends most of her day snoozing at the feet of Vanessa, looking at her adoringly, or watching the world go by from the balcony. Her other hobby is dragging Vanessa around the town at high speed when the weather is cool, or creeping along behind her looking sad and tortured when it is hot.

Molly Moo will be delighted to look at you adoringly too… especially if you tickle her tummy occasionally…