Welcome to 2018! Your VERY best year yet!

Welcome to 2018!

As you welcome in your New Year, I want to send all the best for you. Wishing that 2018 will be your Very Best Year Yet!

So I had an idea! I will give you a £50 money-off voucher every time you refer the Writing Retreats or Healing Retreats in Crete to a friend AND they book a week at the Retreat at the full price in 2018.

That means that if you recommend the Retreat to ten people, and they all decide to book a week in 2018 at the full all-inclusive price, you could get a whopping £500 off your own week!

Woo!! hoo!!!

Bring on the happy, dancing dog!

Happy dancing dog

So what do you do when you earn a money-off voucher, but are unable to come to the Retreat yourself?

Well, you can exchange the voucher for a session of The Body Code™ or Life Coaching carried out over Skype, Zoom or on the phone. These sessions are normally £50 per session.

So five Referrals leading to five Retreat Bookings in 2018 would give you five money-off vouchers. These will be worth £250 off your own Retreat Booking in 2018 OR five Sessions of Life Coaching or The Body Code.™

The money-off vouchers will come in the form of an attractive Gift Voucher. You can use these for your own Healing or Coaching Sessions, to help you to blast through any Writing Blocks or other Life Blocks that are holding you back.

OR you can gift one or all of the Vouchers to a friend (or friends) who might need some help. (They also make a great Christmas or Birthday present). It is up to you…

The Writing Retreats and Healing Retreats are here to help you… They are available on selected dates throughout the year. And only one person can come on each Retreat. So places are naturally limited. The money-off vouchers are limited by the number of bookings we can take… so we don’t know how long this offer will be available.

If you want a place in 2018, you will need to book soon, so you get the dates you want and are not disappointed. 

Please tell your friends and spread the word! And maybe you can save some money off your own Personal Retreat in Crete this year? 

Happy New Year!

More Dancing Dogs!


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