It’s never too late to succeed…

I have mentioned once before my admiration for an interesting and informative website called Later Bloomers. This celebrates the achievements of people who seemed to bloom late. Stepping into their talents and having success at a time in life that some would consider “past it”.

As I am 57 years young (and occasionally feel “past it” too), it is an inspiration to read about others who seem to have stepped into their power after 50 and sometimes well into their 80’s!

I enjoyed reading about the life and work of Mary Fairfax Somerville, who was the first woman to be called a scientist. She was born in 1780 and died in 1872. Despite a harsh teacher and unsatisfactory schooling, an unsupportive father, two marriages and six children, which she home schooled, she made an important mark on the world of mathematics and science. Something no other woman of her time had ever done.

In her day, a woman with too many brains was seen to be a candidate for hysteria and possibly madness. Thankfully, the world has moved forward since then…

If you are in your twenties and despairing about finding your purpose. If you are in your thirties and fear you need to make a career change. If you are a stay-at-home mum or empty nester longing to get back into the workplace. Or in your fifties and feeling like your best years are behind you. I recommend the article and the Later Bloomer website to you. Enjoy!

And if you would like some help to find your own personal WHY? Please get in touch…

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