How creative are you?


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How creative are you? Are you in your creative flow? And what does that actually mean?

I believe that creativity is not something you DO… it is something that DOES creativity THROUGH you.

You may like to think of this as a gift from God or Allah or any other faith or God that you believe in. Or you may feel that it is a Source energy flowing through you, which you are simply being asked to birth into the world in a particular way.

However you choose to look at it, creativity can be a mysterious and slippery thing…

There have been many times when I have received a nudge to get creative. I have suddenly received an idea for a poem or a piece of writing, which arrives fully formed.

Often this arrives when my mind is clear and calm, during or after a meditation, on a walk or in the shower. In fact when I am least suspecting it. I am not grasping for an idea – it just arrives like an unexpected, yet welcome, guest.

One example was a series of poems which arrived one day during a meditation. Luckily, I always keep a pen and paper nearby, just in case inspiration arrives, so I was able to catch them. One of them was called A Traveller’s Prayer…

A Traveller’s Prayer

Give me the strength

As I start today

To follow the signs of my heart

Give me the love

As I push through my fears

To know I am never apart

Give me the trust

To see all is well

And all will be well ever more

Give me your hand

As I greet this new day

And float my small boat from the shore…

© Vanessa Westwell – 2003

I have learned that…

When you feel blocked, when you feel all creativity has left the room, maybe you just need to quieten down, open up, relax and wait.

To allow this bigger, most beautiful, Source of inspiration to be heard, seen, felt, tasted and smelt through you. To use your body and mind, heart and soul to give expression to whatever it its that wants to come through. Without hesitation or fear… Without judgement or analysis…

What do you think?

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