Do dogs make you live longer?

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I subscribe to a great online newsletter about health matters called What Doctors Don’t Tell You!

If, like me,  you are interested in preventing ill-health and promoting wellness, I strongly recommend that you subscribe. There is an impressive archive of articles on every topic you can think of. With the latest results of scientific studies on all manner of health issues. Very simply written and with practical guidance.

My blog today is based on a recent blog from What Doctors Don’t Tell You (WDDTY), which you can find at

As a dog owner myself, I was very pleased to read:

“that dog owners live longer and are also less likely to suffer a heart attack. Apparently, the protective effect is even greater if it’s a hunting dog, such as a terrier or retriever, a new study has discovered.

But it may not be dog ownership itself that helps the owner live longer—it’s as likely to be because owners have to walk the dog, and so are more active. Other possibilities are that the dog increases the owner’s social contact, or that dirt the dog brings into the home changes the owner’s gut microbiome, making him or her less susceptible to a heart attack.

Whatever the reason, the health benefits of dog ownership are impressive…

The risk of premature death drops by around 33 per cent, and chances of a heart attack are reduced by 11 per cent, say researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden.

They studied the health of around 3.4 million Swedes, 13 per cent of whom owned dogs, for up to 12 years. To tease out the benefits of dog ownership, the researchers focused on single people living alone—as that’s a recognised risk of heart disease—and compared the health of the dog-owners against that of those who didn’t have a dog.

The one flaw in the study, say the researchers, is that active and more social people could be buying a dog, and so were less likely to have heart disease in the first place….”


In my experience, happy dogs are PURE LOVE IN A FUR COAT. They love you with passion and totally unconditionally. They wordlessly express their joy, delight, happiness, excitement and unstoppable enthusiasm for life in a highly infectious way.

A happy and well-adjusted dog feels loved and cared for by their owners. And they reward that love many times over. They are Present in the Now and enjoy every moment of their life – well, maybe not going to the vets… They shrug off fear and negative experiences with a quick shake or a loud bark and just seem to get on with life.

They don’t seem bored by routine – they seem to welcome it. But they are equally flexible if something has to change. Happy to meet new people and explore new places. Just as happy to hang out and have a snooze at home. Wouldn’t it be great if more people were like dogs!

My dog, Molly Moo has a whole range of expressions and communicates her sunny and friendly personality in a smile. Whatever the scientists may say, I know I feel much lighter when she is around. I don’t enjoy a walk as much without a furry friend to join me. I am fitter and happier. And she seems happy too…

I hope you will enjoy the health benefits of a happy Molly Moo when you stay at the Writer’s Retreat Crete


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