What is your WHY?

Vanessa at lake 2

It has become popular recently to ask “What is your WHY?”

“Why do you choose to live your life – or do your work – in the way that you do?”

Your WHY informs your life purpose, mission or vision. It helps you to prioritise your time. And to select the actions and behaviours which fill your days.

Your WHY influences the people you have around you. The things that you say and the decisions you make. The relationships you build and those that you break.

Your WHY affects your health and well-being. It may challenge your peace of mind. And disturb your sleep.

Your WHY may be difficult, exhausting and painful. It may be inspiring, uplifting and joyful. But it is yours. And you wouldn’t be without it.

For Vanessa Westwell, her WHY is to help others have a happier and healthier life. In whatever way matters most to them.

She does that every day, in every interaction. Hoping to leave each person she meets feeling more positive than they were before.

She helps by using her skills in listening, supporting, encouraging, challenging, witnessing, offering suggestions, ideas and resources. By sharing her training and experience as a Life Coach, Trainer, Business Coach, Emotion Code™ Practitioner and in Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Birth Re-imprinting and The Body Code™.

By smiling, laughing, hugging, nurturing, keeping in touch or cooking a tasty meal. By sharing some of her own stories and challenges, setbacks and heartbreaks. By writing her poetry, books and blogs. By promoting Nikken wellness products to raise energy and assist healing. By providing a welcoming and caring space for Writer’s Retreats and Healing Retreats in beautiful Crete.

What is your WHY? 

Maybe you already know what your WHY is and want to get started? Or you still need to find it?

Contact Vanessa today at vanessa@travellinglight.co to see how she may be able to help you have a happier and healthier life… in the way that matters most to YOU.




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