Redressing the Balance


WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN BELOW IS NOT THE SORT OF THING I USUALLY WRITE ON THIS SITE BUT IT IS ON MY HEART AND IS IN KEEPING WITH THE WILDERNESS THEME I speak from a different place than most people. My voice is often not heard, because it is drowned out by the masses. But […]


This post touched my heart… I hope it may touch yours… then we lucky ones not facing these issues need to do something about it…

I believe that we are all souls in a physical form on a journey to build character, to learn and grow through adversity, to love all other souls. We all deserve to be treated with respect, compassion and kindness. To be accepted for who we are and the unique contribution that we bring to the world every day…

How can we demonstrate that in every word, look, sigh, laugh, attitude or comment? By truly believing that no soul is beneath us…


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