What makes you smile?


What makes you smile? If you are anything like me it is very simple things… walking  by the sea with my dog, watching her dig in the sand. Seeing her free to run about the beach and play with other dogs now the tourists have left and the sunbeds have been cleared away. Listening to the sound of the waves. The sunshine on my bare arms – in November!

Walking home for lunch. Chatting to people in the shops. Smiling at strangers. Nothing big or important. Nothing stressful or exhausting. Just being fully present in this friendly place where I have chosen to live.

It really is the little things in life which connect you to your loved ones, family, friends, pets, colleagues, neighbours and your wider community. Which help you feel that your life has meaning. To know that you make a difference to others by just being there, being you.

Setting up the Writer’s Retreat here in Crete has been something I have wanted to do for a long time… to be able to live somewhere beautiful, in the sunshine, where people can come and visit with me and have a life-changing experience.

I love the intimacy of working one-to-one. Holding a safe space for someone to make a leap forward in their growth. Being a witness while they learn something new about themselves. And helping them to shed the old limiting beliefs and fears that have been sabotaging their success.

Whilst I was at the beach yesterday, I realised that the Writer’s Retreat Crete is not just about a space for a writer to come and write. It is a place where people can come and re-write the story of their lives…

If you would like a Healing Space to relax, recover, rest and reflect on the journey you have taken so far and how you see it taking you next, book your place now. I know that Molly Moo will be very happy to dig a special hole in the sand just for you!

I’d love it if you decide that this is the right place for you to get your smile back…


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