Would you like some sunshine?


When I lived in England, I suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder as the dark nights started drawing in. It meant that I felt tired, a bit depressed and lacking in drive and focus. I also craved stodgy sweet and carbohydrate-laden foods. With all the big woolly jumpers and stretchy leggings, it was easy to be less body-aware. And the rainy, grey days meant I was hibernating indoors. Does this sound like you?

Here in Crete, it is still sunny almost every day. It is so good to open the blinds and see a beautiful blue sky. I feel like I have cheated the system to be able to walk by the sea in a  t-shirt and shorts at the end of October! Getting outside every day is a real tonic.

This is Molly Moo and me by the famous blue door in Kritsa, last Sunday… (I love the way it makes us look really tiny!).

By the blue door

The weather today is fresh and bright with a hint of cool in the breeze. Amazingly, we had a rainy day yesterday! The first one for weeks. And these will be increasing as we approach the end of the year. But compared to Britain, the weather here is a delight.

Things are quieting down as the holiday season is drawing to a close. Many of the hotels and restaurants will be closing soon. It is quieter and easier to get about than in the high season. Perfect for a restful and more introspective break.

If you need some sunshine, peace and relaxation or to tackle your own S.A.D, you might be interested in the Budget option we are offering at the moment here at the Writer’s Retreat. Have a look at the What’s Included page to find out more…  Molly Moo and I are looking forward to meeting you…




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