Are you addicted to sugar?


Sugar Addiction – Kick It Before It Kicks YouAre you addicted to sugar? Do you crave something sweet after every meal? Is a tea or coffee naked without a biscuit or two? If so, you’re not alone…

I have always had a “sweet tooth” which is why it amazes people when they hear that I have NEVER had a tooth removed AND I have only three fillings, all installed at the age of eighteen. So nearly 40 years later, after truck loads of sweets, chocolate bars, cakes, biscuits, ice-cream, cheesecakes, pastries and puddings, I still have all my own teeth. There is a Tooth Fairy and she is my best friend!

However, despite having cheated my dentist out of his true income, I have struggled with the other consequences of my addiction over the years – weight gain, erratic blood sugar levels, mood swings and tiredness. Having a sweet tooth has been a curse not a blessing…

Until I discovered Dr Bradley Nelson’s work with The Emotion Code™. I have been steadily working on my blocks and barriers ever since. After every session, there is a feeling of lightness and a release from the old patterns and self-sabotage that used to lead to my comfort eating. Even though I had not focused specifically on my sugar cravings, I was noticing my need for the sweet stuff was reducing.

Which is why I was fascinated to tune in to a recent webinar which showed how to remove sugar cravings using The Body Code™. This includes removing the Negative Trapped Emotions which cause you to reach for the comfort of a sweet treat when life gets tough. The Body Code™ is able to energetically re-balance your whole digestive system and organs. Remove internal mould, fungal and parasitic infections which feed off the sugar you eat – infections that you may not even know you have. And also clear any curses or saboteur energies, negative limiting beliefs or pictures that you hold in your mind. All of which can send you off to the sweet shop.

Armed with this new information, I tested it out on myself and have already seen a big change. I am enjoying fruit and healthy snacks and I have no chocolate, biscuits or sweets in the house!

If you are ready to rid yourself of your sugar addiction, I am offering a starter package of THREE Body Code sessions for the price of TWO. This will help you to get control of your body and start to enjoy the REAL sweetness of life.

Email me now at to get started… The Tooth Fairy will thank you!

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