How well do you sleep?

sleeping lady

Do you get enough deep, relaxing sleep every night? Do you wake refreshed and recharged? Are you full of energy and ready for the day ahead? 

Or do you groan when the alarm goes off? Press the snooze button and burrow under the duvet? Dream of having a long lie-in at the weekend?

Recent research has shown that at least a third of us don’t sleep well. Most people wake up tired and the tiredness lasts throughout the day. Does that sound like you?

Sleep is an essential physiological function. It underpins all aspects of your health; it is when your body is designed to recover from the stresses of the day before, and to prepare itself for the stresses of the day ahead.

Poor sleep can lead to an increase in the chronic stress response, which leads to a reduction in the immune function and affects almost every aspect of your health and well-being. Rested sleep is not just about how many hours you sleep, but also about the quality of your sleep, and a significant part of the quality is about the sleep environment itself.

Which is why I am SO excited and cannot wait to try out the new KenkoDream® Quilt I have ordered from Nikken.quilt

Now for the technical bit… the Kenko Dream® Quilt:

  • Has exceptional temperature regulation – great for hot countries, overheated houses and hot flushes.
  • Increases the sensation of well-being by releasing negative ions – like sleeping in the fresh, open air.
  • Has outer and inner covers of breathable, natural fibres – and it is so well-made that many people have used them for over ten years.
  • Is made from ecologically sound and non-allergenic natural materials.
  • And it is machine washable.

I have also treated myself to a Nikken Naturest® Pillow so my head and body will be able to gently recharge all through the night. People have reported noticing an improved memory and clearer thinking just from using the pillow, so it makes a great gift for anyone who needs to stay sharp and focused.

I am so looking forward to waking up refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead. And then I will blog about it and let you know how I get on…. and of course all the guests at the Writer’s Retreat Crete will be sleeping on a Kenko DreamQuilt® and Naturest® Pillow too!

If you want to experience the best sleep you have ever had, it is time to visit the Nikken Shop and order your own sleep system from Nikken. Click here to find out more…

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