10 good reasons for a Writer’s Retreat…


Here are 10 good reasons why you need to stay at the Writer’s Retreat in Crete:

  1. Totally flexible dates. You choose when you want to stay and for how long. The Writer’s Retreat Crete is open all year – including Christmas and New Year.
  2. Easy to get to. No need to stress. Heraklion International Airport is just a short flight from the UK. Or travel via Athens and get the ferry. Either way you will be collected on arrival by Taxi and brought direct to the Retreat.
  3. Home from home. Sharing with your Host, Vanessa Westwell, who will keep things running smoothly so you can focus 100% on your writing. (It is a bit like going home to Mum… maybe even better?). See About your host to find out more – she’s the one in the picture!
  4. Space to work. Your own private writing room, with a beautiful view from your own balcony. You can set up your own “office” and leave it there. No chambermaid to move your stuff. If it gets messy no problem. You can go in there to work and come out for meals or whenever you need a break.
  5. Flexible schedule. You decide. Are you a lark or a night-owl? Up early for a swim or meditation and then writing? Siesta after lunch? Late dinner and work till the early hours? Long lie in? Want to take a picnic to the beach? Mealtimes here work around your schedule… not the other way round.
  6. Delicious food. Fresh, healthy home-cooked meals and salads from local ingredients (you have to taste the tomatoes here!). Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are all included in the Retreat Fee. No need to go out for meals or to cook for yourself, unless you want to. You decide what you want to eat. Are you an Omnivore, Vegetarian or Vegan? Are you a Healthy Juicer?Are you a Gourmet or a Nibbler? Let us know. Vanessa was a Professional Cook so her cooking is very good.
  7. Unlimited support. This space is just for you. Here you can talk about your work as much as you want to. You can have unlimited sessions of The Body Code™ and The Emotion Code™ and coaching. Encouragement, proof-reading, editing and suggestions. A great place to blast through your writer’s block and get your writing finished.
  8. Beautiful Crete. Crete is a special place. It has a very interesting energy and friendly, welcoming people.  Most people speak English, so it is very easy to get around. The landscape is rugged with mysterious mountains and clean Blue Flag beaches. The Writers Retreat is in the small, market town of Agios Nikolaos, East Crete. Just one hour’s drive from Heraklion. It has everything you need within a short walk including a choice of lovely beaches, shops, cafes and restaurants.
  9. No stress. No need to worry about meals, dishes, cleaning, shopping or laundry. Get up when you want. Wear what you like – or stay in your pyjamas all day! This is YOUR time to focus on YOU. Everything else will be done for you, so you can just relax and enjoy being here…
  10. Love and kindness. Vanessa is a nurturer. She loves to have someone to care for. She is a welcoming and generous host. Full of life experience and wisdom. She has travelled widely and has many stories to tell. She is also very respectful of your space and likes to be quiet. Her assistant, Molly Moo, is pure love in a fur coat. Don’t be put off by her size – she has been described as a Sheep in Wolf’s clothing. This place has been called an oasis. An oasis of love and kindness.

The Writers Retreat Crete is a very special place. Unique. And it is waiting for you… 

Places are filling up so click here to book your retreat now!

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