Do you need a break?


smiley sun

Do you need a break? If you are struggling with the onset of Autumn and the slow, cold slide towards Winter, how about a trip to Crete? We still have beautiful weather here. As I write, the temperature is about 25 degrees C. This is cooler than it has been for a while, but still shorts and t-shirt weather.

It is lovely sitting out on the balcony to have breakfast or lunch each day. You can still swim in the sea and enjoy sitting at a pavement cafe, watching the world go by.

Here in Crete, the holiday season continues until the end of November, when the hotels close and things start to quieten down for the Winter months. This is when the hard-working locals get to relax, kick back and enjoy life after a very long summer helping holiday makers from all over the world have a great time. It is a lovely time to visit.

Once all the sunbeds and sunshades are packed away, you can enjoy a walk along the much quieter beaches. Some people still swim in the sea at Christmastime.

Although we get some much-needed rain in November, December, January and February, it is very rare to find temperatures dropping below freezing here. Most days we have some sunshine. So you can stave off the Seasonal Affective Disorder a while longer and top up on the rays.

The Writer’s Retreat Crete is centrally heated and double-glazed, so it is cosy and comfortable all year round, unlike many places which were built to keep the heat outside not inside!

Average temperatures in Crete:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
°C 11 12 14 17 24 24 26 26 24 20 17 14
°F 52 54 57 63 75 75 79 79 75 68 63 57


So if you need a break and want a home from home in Crete, with some good weather thrown in, why not book your retreat today?

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