Can you write a story in 100 words?


I am remarkably pleased with myself today. On Sunday I entered a short story competition (or maybe a teeny, tiny story competition) and won! The challenge was to write a short story in just 100 words, one of which was the word “bookshop”.

Here is my teeny, tiny story:

The Bookshop

With a wildly beating heart, sweaty palms and a baseball-sized lump in his throat, he stepped inside the bookshop.

Where was she?

He smelt her perfume first, then heard her indescribable laugh. The customer left hurriedly, clutching a parcel.

She was alone.

Now! Creeping silently towards her slender back, he clenched the hard object in his pocket. So close he could hear her breathing! He drew it out slowly and, as she turned with a gasp of surprise, dropped to his knees and thrust his hand up violently.

The diamonds sparkled on sapphire velvet.

“Marry me?”

“Yes, my darling! Yes!”

My prize was an audio recording of Patricia Wilson’s new book “Island of Secrets” read by actress Julie Maisey. The story is set in Crete during the Nazi occupation of the island in the Second World War. I am looking forward to finding out about this devastating and heroic time in Crete’s history.

Do you fancy a challenge? Write your own 100 word story about a Writer’s Retreat. Email it to me at for your chance to win a prize AND be featured in future blogs. Good luck!


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