What is your promise?


Once upon a time, I saw a delivery van which had this message on the side:

“A promise means nothing until it’s delivered…”

So here is a question for you…What is your promise? What are the gifts that you promised to bring into the world in your lifetime? And how are you doing about delivering them? Have you got started yet?

If you are hovering on the edge of possibly making a choice about maybe coming to stay at the Writer’s Retreat Crete this year (or it could be next year) – please don’t delay any longer.

Don’t put off giving yourself a true gift. The gift of a serene and supportive and sun-filled space just for you. A nurturing space where you can find your promise. Where you can remove the blocks to your confident, happy future as a writer. Where you can start to deliver the gifts of your unique message to the world.

It is time to step up and start delivering on your promise… your soul is calling you… call Vanessa now on (00 44) 7990 973685 to book your sacred space.





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