How do you do, today?


It’s Monday again!!! How do you do? How do you BE?

Is it good to be alive? Is it great to be doing work that you love? Do you feel playful and joyful and happy? Are you excited by your life?

Or are you dragging yourself through the day? Watching the clock? Avoiding the jobs you hate? Distracting yourself with Twitter or Facebook instead of concentrating on being fully present in your life?

Is your body healthy and full of energy? Are you able to go to the places you want to be?

Or are you dragging around a body which is holding you back from enjoying life to the full? Are you suffering from discomfort just walking? Do you need a shot of caffeine before you can even speak?

Do you sleep well and deeply and awake refreshed? Or toss and turn with worries and fears crowding your brain?

Even if your life feels really BAD right now – it can be so much better. It IS possible to have a happy, healthy life, doing the things that matter to you. It IS possible to put the past behind you and to finally let go of all your fears and sadness.

Believe it or not you can be free of the imbalances which cause physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and even financial problems. Those problems which have been spoiling your life so far.

The Emotion Code™  and The Body Code™ were developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson to gently and easily release the energetic blocks which cause these imbalances. Blocks he calls Negative Trapped Emotions, which are stored in your energy field after traumas, losses, bereavement, illness, accidents, and prolonged stress.

Book your first session today and mention this blog post and you will get a 20% discount on the usual price per session of £50. (That’s a saving of £10).

Contact now to arrange your session on SKYPE and take advantage of the discount.

Now that’s a way to get the week started.  HAPPY MONDAY…















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