What is Energy Healing?


What actually happens when you clear blocks and imbalances in your energy field? How does Energy Healing work?

Quantum Scientists have found that we are all energy. We are all atomic particles, vibrating at a particular speed. When you look at a part of your body through a powerful microscope, eventually all you will find is the space between the atoms.

Techniques like The Emotion Code™ and The Body Code™ recognize that your body has an electro-magnetic field which can be distorted or damaged. This distortion leads to emotional, physical, mental or spiritual problems and also disease. So, how can it get distorted? Well one way is by a Negative Trapped Emotion.

A Negative Trapped Emotion is like a ball of energy vibrating at a different frequency to the rest of the healthy energy field. It gets stuck there after a traumatic event, accident, loss, prolonged stress or illness. If it is not resolved at the time of the event, it will remain stuck, negatively affecting your life for years to come.

Dr. Bradley Nelson wrote his book The Emotion Code ten years ago. He identified 60 different Negative Trapped Emotions which can be trapped in your body. Emotions like Guilt, Shame, Grief, Low Self-Esteem, Lack of Control, Sadness and Hopelessness. Each one has the power to cause disruption to your health, well-being, peace of mind, relationships, quality of sleep, mental focus, immune system and even your financial security.

You can have the same emotion trapped more than once, as a result of various difficult life experiences. Being human is a challenge! And the older you get, more and more challenging life situations arise to be dealt with. This is also why health problems tend to increase as you get older.

By using the power of intention combined with a magnetic energy, it is possible to gently clear away the Negative Trapped Emotions. This allows the body an opportunity to re-balance and heal itself. As a result, people often say they feel lighter, happier and more energized. Their life seems easier and less burdened.

A recent client said: “Vanessa helped to remove a deeply hidden heart wall for me which has freed up old memories and emotions, releasing patterns of behaviour and beliefs. I feel much lighter and have noticed the change on all levels. I can thoroughly recommend The Emotion Code for its ability to release deeply held emotions in such a quick and simple way. Vanessa uses this healing method with compassion, skill and a genuine desire to help others heal their lives”. JH

Why not book a session of The Emotion Code™ today and try it out for yourself? SPECIAL OFFER: Mention this blog post when you book and you will get a 20% discount on your first session!

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