Would you like a Healing Retreat?


So, I have a dilemma. In the last week, several people have asked me:

  • Why is this called a Writer’s Retreat?
  • Do I have to be writing something to be able to stay?
  • Why can’t I just chill out and recover from my exhaustion/burnout/breakup/redundancy?

Well, it got me thinking… Why not indeed?

The space and the services I am offering at the Writer’s Retreat are equally suited to someone who needs a nurturing, safe place to recover in. It’s a bit like going home to Mum except better… Home-cooking, laundry service, lots of chilling out time, a listening ear, advice and even hugs when required.

If you are NOT a writer, but you are feeling blocked and unable to move forward successfully, you may want to consider a Healing Retreat instead. Contact me at vanessa@travellinglight.co to say what you are looking for and I will create a personal Healing Retreat in Crete tailored just for you.

Sounds good! See you soon…

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