Ten Top Tips to Terrific Ideas


Do you need to generate more ideas? Is your well of creativity running dry? Perhaps you have put your thinking cap on and no thoughts have arrived? What can you do?

Here are Ten Top Tips to Terrific Ideas:

  1. Become a child again. Ask WHY? Why? Why? and Why not?
  2. Be silly. Wear a silly outfit (no-one has to see you) or pretend you are wearing a silly outfit (then no-one will see you).
  3. Drink plenty of water. A dehydrated brain leads to poor memory, lack of focus and fatigue. A hydrated brain gives you energy and a fresh perspective.
  4. Ask yourself: If I KNEW I could not fail… what ideas would I try?
  5. Ask: What would my favourite Hero do? (Your Hero can be whoever you choose – Susan in Accounts, Wonder Woman or The Dalai Lama… it’s up to you).
  6. Put on some music and dance. Then see what ideas arrive…
  7. Have a nap. Before you sleep ask for some great ideas to arrive and see what is delivered. Have some paper and a pen next to your bed to jot them down on waking.
  8. Be an Alien. Look at everything with fresh eyes. Allow yourself to fully connect to the spaces around you without judgement. Be surprised.
  9. Try the Different Game. Instead of the usual things you do, deliberately do something different. Shake up your routine. Do something new.
  10. Switch off the Inner Critic. Write down every idea without evaluating it. Do not allow yourself to say whether it will work or not. Do not allow yourself to see if it is good or bad. Then put them aside for a while before looking at them again.

Have fun creating  your Terrific Ideas…!



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