Do you have a “Life Block”?


You have probably heard of Writer’s Block when your creativity mysteriously dries up and leaves you dangling. But have you heard of a Life Block?

A Life Block can seem like an unexpected boulder in the road stopping your progress. A wall you cannot see past. A new path you must travel but with a map you cannot read. You feel blocked, frustrated, fearful and lost. You need help!

The arrival of a Life Block often signals that you are burned out, exhausted and sick of the status quo. You need a change but no new alternative has presented itself. Without a new goal to focus on you feel panicky and scattered. It seems safer to stay stuck in the mud. You cannot see the way to go, so you don’t go anywhere.

If you sit with the Life Block instead of denying it or fighting it, something interesting happens… you will find that it has a message for you. Try this. Ask: “If I knew what you are trying to say was helpful, and I wasn’t frightened of making a change, what are you really telling me?”

Then wait in silence and stillness for all the answers arrive. Write them all down – even the silliest and scariest ones. See them as breadcrumbs leading you to safety. All you have to do is find them and follow them.

I remember coaching a woman who had been in the same job for many years. Now facing redundancy, she was in a state of panic. She applied for over 50 jobs in her chosen profession. She had interviews but no job offers. She was hammering on a door that remained firmly closed to her. This was a Life Block.

I asked her what she thought her Life Block was telling her? If she couldn’t get a new job in her usual field, what did she REALLY want to do with her life? She was surprised by the answers she gave. Then delighted. Then inspired to take action. After that, there was no stopping her. She changed direction completely, revamped her CV and got a job offer from the first organization she approached. This time, the door swung open easily… a sure sign that she was moving through the right one for her.

If you are facing a Life Block and need help to see past it, get in touch. Message Vanessa on today…

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