Why are you late?


I had a friend once (let’s call her Jane) who was charming, creative, kind and generous – and always late for everything. She always promised more than she delivered. She always thought she could do more in her day than she actually could. She always arrived late. And not surprisingly she always let people down. And it was never her fault…

Do you know anyone like Jane?

Maybe, like Jane, you are always too optimistic about what you can achieve in a day? And then you don’t allocate enough time to the job? And then you hate saying “No” to people? And then you run out of time? And then you miss the deadline? And then people get cross with you?

The strange thing is – if you can arrive consistently late every time for everything, then you have an internal clock that is keeping you perfectly on time. Unfortunately, it is not set to the same time everyone else is working too!

The Emotion Code™ can help to uncover and remove all the reasons why you are regularly late. There are 60 Negative Trapped Emotions in The Emotion Code™ Chart including Overwhelm, Resentment, Guilt, Shame, Depression, Lack of Control, Dread, Fear, Unsupported and Worry. Any one of the 60 Negative Trapped Emotions could be causing you to be consistently late.

You can trap a Negative Emotion because of a difficult event in your own life which was not fully resolved at the time. A trauma, an accident, a shock, a loss or an illness can all lead to a Negative Trapped Emotion being held in the body’s energy field. Interestingly, you can absorb emotions from another person and you can inherit them from one of your parents. How is that possible?

An inherited Negative Trapped Emotion is passed to you on conception, from either your mother or father, just like the colour of your eyes or your body shape. Your parent may have trapped this emotion in their own life or they may have inherited it from another ancestor. An inherited Negative Trapped Emotion can go back many generations; Dr. Bradley Nelson found one that was passed down for an amazing 187 generations.

Having an inherited Negative Trapped Emotion is a bit like buying a new laptop which already has a secret operating system on it. This operating system influences the options you have to make decisions and take action. But you never suspect that you are being secretly controlled… you just don’t know any different because it has always worked that way. It is only when the secret programme is finally deleted that you can see a difference.

If you have an issue that is causing you a problem, you don’t have to suffer. It could be lateness or procrastination. It could be over-worry or perfectionism. Whatever it is, you can solve it with the help of The Emotion Code™.  Email vanessa@travellinglight.co to set up your first session today.


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