Are you travelling light?

TL Book

After several years working as a Life Coach in England, I wrote a book called Travelling Light – how to live lightly in your mind, body, heart and soul. I wanted to help people who were feeling lost, stuck, overwhelmed or stressed out, by giving them a quick and easy to read “How to” guide to life.

I hope it will help you to look at your life in a new way and improve your self-esteem, emotions, relationships, life goals, spiritual well-being, home environment, work, finances and health. There are over 200 coaching questions in the book, so it is like having your own Life Coach nearby.

Here are some of the reviews:

“This book is sheer simplicity which in itself is pure genius. A guide that will help people to realize that we can and do have control over how we deal with things in life. Travelling Light is one of many self help books I have but most certainly one of the best”. Mrs KL Hitchings

“This is a great read that combines practical and really helpful insight, if you want to take a new look at your life. I found it easy to read, fun and full of inspirational ideas. Plus, it’s backed up with personal experience, which makes it feel very heartfelt.

I would recommend it to anyone who’s feeling a bit stuck – or who wants to move on with things and who would like a book on the table beside them that they could pick up for guidance, insight or just to look at things a bit differently. A lovely present for a friend!” Sammy

“I have been waiting for a personal development book like Travelling Light for ever! If you are like me and tend to need “quick fixes”, and let’s face it who doesn’t these days. Travelling Light is for you.

For me I am able to wake up and dip into this book and just read one page to make my day start on a positive note. If during the day something changes that, I just dip into it again and read just one more page to get my “positive fix”, and then all is sorted again. Not only is this book a must have on your own bookshelf, if there is anyone you care about, you should buy it for them too! I did. Thank you Vanessa you are inspirational!” Tracey Daniell

Get your own e-Book of Travelling Light – how to live lightly in your mind, body, heart and soul for just £5.00!  Click here!


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