What is holding you back?

Pics for Blogs 2017

If I were to give you five minutes to list all the things that were holding you back from travelling lightly in your life, what would you say?

Well, top of the list for most people is FEAR…

Fear of getting it wrong. Fear of being hurt. Fear of being laughed at. Fear of trying and failing. Fear of never amounting to anything. Fear of poverty and homelessness.

Fear of never finding – or keeping – the love of your life. Fear of never living up to your potential, however hard you try. All these fears which can drain your energy and fill you with hopelessness and shame.

If you knew that you could remove ALL THE FEAR in your life would you do it?

Yes? Then contact me now on vanessa@travellinglight.co and book your first session of The Emotion Code™ on Skype.

Your Emotion Code session will gently release the Negative Trapped Emotions which are holding you back from 100% health and happiness. Emotions like fear and guilt, helplessness, despair and depression. Abandonment, anger, heartache and betrayal. Once they are released, your body can rebalance itself and start to heal.

If you are thinking “This can’t be true!” you can research The Emotion Code™ by reading Dr Bradley Nelson’s book of that name – available as a free PDF download from: http://www.emotioncodeoffer.com

Maybe it is time to overcome your fear and try it out for yourself? Email vanessa@travellinglight.co today and book a free 30 minute taster session. It is time to start on your own healing journey…

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