Do you have an Idea Allergy?


Do you have an allergy? Do you need to avoid nuts or seafood? Do you react to cat hair, dust or pollen? If you have a severe allergic reaction you may have swelling, a burning throat, itching, sneezing or watery eyes. All of which reinforce the importance of NOT getting close to that thing again – or you will suffer.

But what if you had an Idea Allergy? If the very thought of something made you react badly. If the energy around a word or a thought was so negative it repelled you from getting near to that thing. In fact, you would move away from it regardless of the cost to yourself and others?

Dr Bradley Nelson describes Idea Allergies in his work with The Body Code™.  I have used Body Code 2.0 on myself and others and found many different Idea Allergies. I have found and cleared Idea Allergies to love, marriage, sex, fame, power, money or success. Allergies to being alone, to being seen, to being controlled, to water, to financial security and even to being free of illness.

Like Physical Allergies, these Idea Allergies will run silently in the background of your life unless they are triggered in some way. In an instant, your sudden negative reactions can seem extreme and bizarre. You cannot be talked out of an Idea Allergy, just as you cannot be talked out of an allergy to a bee-sting. However, it is possible to clear the negative energy that is holding the Idea Allergy in place. Once that is cleared the body and mind re-balances and healing can take place.

If people tell you that you are sabotaging your success and you cannot do anything about it. If you get so close to what you want and then it slips out of reach. If you can see what you want and never seem to get it, whatever you do, you may have an Idea Allergy that is subconsciously keeping you away from something you fear might harm you.

As a writer, you may have an allergy to finishing your book. As an artist, you may be allergic to the idea of selling your paintings. As a business person, you may be allergic to paperwork and always be late filing your tax returns. These Idea Allergies can ruin your life, your relationships and your career. They can seriously reduce your earning potential.

So what can you do if you have an Idea Allergy holding you back? Contact Vanessa to arrange a free initial assessment over Skype. She will explain how The Emotion Code™ and The Body Code™ can find and release whatever is blocking you from your success and happiness.

PS: And it works on Physical Allergies, Food Intolerances and Phobias too… So call her on (0044) 7990 973685 and free yourself of your allergies and fears now.

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