Thank you, Cristian Mihai

I am very excited to report my first LIKE on my first BLOG page on my first WordPress site… was by – Da! Dah! – Cristian Mihai.  A 27 year old writer and blogger from Romania.

So here am I , a 57 year old British woman, sitting in Crete, being liked by someone in Romania. I love the internet so much!! It really makes the world seem like a small, loving and interconnected place. It fills me with joy to be reminded that we are all human, all struggling and all longing for the same things… love, kindness, happiness, connection and a sense of purpose. We all bleed, we all weep, we all love our babies and want them to be the best they can be. We all have ups and downs, we all lose our way, we all have dreams and some of us make them happen.

Thank you Cristian. I have read some of your blogs today and I love them. In particular this one stood out for me:

Keep writing, keep blogging, the world needs your voice.


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