What are you writing – and why?

You are writing something…. a book, a website, a business proposal, a love letter. Stop now and answer this question: What for?

What are you trying to achieve? What is the specific outcome you want to see? You need to decide that before you carry on writing.

Do you want to share something ? Or maybe to excite the reader to take action? Which particular action? How will you know if you have been successful? What results do you need to see?

Do you need an investor? A mentor? A coach? Do you want to make new followers? Do you want them to tell their friends about you and what you do?

Do you want to write a film script? To be famous? To be published in multiple languages across the world? To have an international book tour?

Do you want to raise money for a charity or cause that is close to your heart? Write a proposal for a crowd-funding site? Write a leaflet for a local event in your neighbourhood?

Do you want to share how you feel? Tell someone you love and appreciate them? Record your memoirs for your children and grandchildren? Write a love letter to add to your Will to be read after your death?

Do you want to entertain people? Make them laugh? Make them cry? Make them think in a new way about their life?

Whatever you are writing… it has to come from the heart. Even a technical document or business plan needs heart. It needs love and it needs passion. Then you can connect energetically to your reader in an authentic way that stands out.

Today there is so much information overload, so remember to keep it simple. Use clear words, injected with excitement. Shorter sentences, to convey your passion. And personal stories, to connect with your reader. And that means ONE reader (even if you have millions of them).

For the greatest impact, talk to them in your own voice, as if they were standing in the room with you. Don’t talk as if you were writing a thesis. Or dictating a legal letter (unless that is what you are really doing). Talk to them like a friend. A friend you want to help in whatever way they need, in whatever way you can. With love.

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