Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!

I do like to be beside the sea…

One of the things I really love about Crete is the sea and the mountains. There are so many beautiful views across the sea, looking out towards the mountains, and they change constantly. Sometimes the sky is pink, sometimes bright blue. Sometimes the sea is blue, sometimes grey. And the mountains can be clear or as misty as a mirage…

On your Writer’s Retreat, the changing nature of the sea is a wonderful creative boost. There are many places you can sit by the sea to write. On the rocks, in sheltered coves, at a waterside café or even on a busy, sandy beach. There are plenty of opportunities to people-watch and feel the wind in your hair.

The beaches nearby are all Blue Flag rated so they are clean and the water is clear. And the sea is warm enough for some people to enjoy a swim every day of the year. I have been told that it is still warm enough to swim at Christmas time… I haven’t tried that one yet.

You can easily walk to several beaches which circle the town of Agios Nikolaos, within ten minutes from the Writer’s Retreat. And if you decide to hire a car, scooter, quad bike or bicycle during your stay you will be able to travel more widely. There are also cheap local buses which can take you anywhere on the island, if you prefer to relax and enjoy the view.

There is only one main road on Crete – the E75 or National Road – and this is the only “motorway” too. It has just two lanes each side at the widest points, so it is more like a dual carriageway in the UK. It runs across the centre of Crete like a curving spine and can take you from Agios Nikolaos in the east all the way to Chania in the west. Through tunnels, up and down hills and winding around and about in places, and mostly with the sea in view keeping you company on your travels.

If you enjoy the sea, Book your Retreat in Crete now…






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