What kind of a writer are you?

If you ask people what a writer is like, they usually imagine someone who is happy to sit alone for hours churning out page after page of their musings with a quill pen and a pot of ink. Yet, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling wrote her first book in a café, Roald Dahl wrote his books in his garden shed, and others write on trains, planes and their couch at home with the television on in the background.

Writing can be isolating. Which is why writing with other writers near at hand can feel so supportive. You are all carving away at your individual cliff face, sweating and agonising, yet somehow not alone. Reminiscent of those big examination rooms, with all the rows of chairs spaced at the perfect distance apart to allow the patrolling teachers to watch for cheats. Far easier to be with your peers, all chewing the end of your pencils together, than sitting alone in a silent room with no one to witness your pain.

Writers are not all introverts who enjoy shutting the door on the world. Some are gregarious extroverts who need some hustle and bustle to get them going in the morning. If you are one of the second category, then you will love the Writers Retreat in Agios Nikolaos in the summer especially the high season of July and August. If you are in the first category, make sure to book after the end of the season when the town battens down the hatches and all is quiet. At that time, you can walk along empty, windswept beaches and hear the birds sing, rather than the buzz and hum of scooters flying around the town.

So what kind of a writer are you? And what do you want from your personal Writer’s Retreat in Crete? Contact us today to find out more…







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