Why are magnets good for you?

I use magnets every day in my work and I have them in my home. Why? Well, I am a Certified Practitioner of The Emotion Code™ and I work with people to help them become healthier and happier in all aspects of their lives.

The Emotion Code™ works on the Negative Trapped Emotions that get stuck in the energy field of your body, after a shocking or upsetting event. They distort the energy field and cause imbalances in the body which can lead to physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and even financial problems.

Using The Emotion Code™ I can find which of 60 Negative Emotions are trapped. I can then release them by passing a magnet over your head and down your spine. This is the Governing Meridian as described in Chinese medicine. The magnets I use every day are made by a Japanese company called Nikken, who started using magnetic technology for wellness as far back as 1975. The story started with a pair of magnetic insoles, called Kenko MSteps®…

These insoles have energising massage nodes built in to a comfortable insole, that acts like a magnetic field generator inside your shoes. Patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology places various magnets in polar opposition to intensify the magnetic field. As you walk, these components change position to produce a dynamic field of energy — and the multiple angles afford 100% magnetic coverage. The MSteps surface produces the refreshing sensation of a foot massage. They won’t absorb moisture or odour and are very durable and hard-wearing. I wear them every day when I walk my dog.

In my healing work, I use the Kenko Magduo®. This is a pair of circular magnets in a special case, which you can use to massage any part of the body. This helps to release stress and refresh your energy. Every time I have a new client, they always ask me where I bought it from.

To make it easy for my clients to order the MagDuo® and other Nikken Wellness products, I became an Independent Nikken Distributor. You can browse My Nikken Shop at http://www.nikkenwellbeing.co.uk/info/TravellingLight


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