How to fix your Writer’s Block?

Writer’s Block…  Oh dear! When the flow turns into a trickle and then a full stop. When the critical voice in your head tells you, “Why Bother?”, “No-one will ever read this rubbish” or even “Call yourself a writer!”

If you’ve ever been stuck in front of a blank screen with a deadline biting at your ankles, then you know how it feels. You are stewing in a bubbling pot of negative emotions. Emotions like shame, anger or frustration, guilt or humiliation. Feelings like fear, hopelessness and panic. At this point any job looks better than this one. So if a friend calls and asks you to help them to clear out their dirty old garage you leap to the task – “Why, of course I can help you…”

With my help, you can clear your negative trapped emotions and blast through the boulder blocking your writing road. We will use a healing system called The Emotion Code™ developed in the USA by Dr Bradley Nelson. It can identify what is stopping you  from seeing the way forward in your life. Help to remove self-doubt and self-sabotage, procrastination and perfectionism – the four main challenges of a creative block.

If you are suffering a creative block right now, let me know. I can help you. We can meet virtually using Skype or email. The Emotion Code™ works even if you are across the world from me. To find out how on earth that is actually possible… (is this woman out of her tiny mind?)  …and get you back on your writer’s track today, message me now on (0044) 07990 973685.





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