Why retreat to a town?

Most writer’s retreats I have seen have you trekking up the side of a mountain or to a small hut near a lake. Or maybe in the middle of a forest.

This all sounds great, and if you believe that you need complete silence to work then it might work for you… but, for me, too much silence can really freeze up my creative juices. So if you want a rural retreat, with cows mooing in the fields, this is not for you.

If, however, you enjoy the contrast of a quiet room and a bustling street, a morning sunset at the seaside, or a lively promenade before dinner with the locals and the tourists, you will love Agios Nikolaos in East Crete. The change of scene, from your normal, everyday life at home, will make you eager to write. And always with the misty and mysterious mountains, framing the turquoise sea…

Book your Writer’s Retreat now.





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