Why do you want to write?

With my first book, it felt like a sacred calling… a little voice in my head kept urging me to “write the book!” It didn’t stop until I finished.

I was excited to finally say what I wanted to say. It was great to see the pages come together and I felt I was being guided every step of the way. Yet there were many days when I was down-hearted and downright depressed… would I ever finish the bleep bleep book?!

One way to carve out a chunk of focused time to write is to get away from your everyday life and go to a writer’s retreat. This certainly worked well for me. But what was really helpful was to hang out with other writers who were doing the same thing, at the same time and in the same place.

Writing alone is tough, but writing with a friend down the hall, who could understand the pain I was going through, was a huge support to me. Someone who didn’t think I was mad to be stuck inside. Or try to tempt me to the beach on a sunny day. Someone who was happy to share the ups and downs of my writing day. Yet knew when to kick back and chill out when the laptop was switched off.

By setting up my Writers Retreat in Crete, I want to offer you the space, friendship, support and encouragement that you need to get your (bleep bleep) book actually finished (or article, or TV script, or blog, or website or memoirs or…)

So carve out that space that you have been looking for… book Your Writer’s Retreat now and get packing…




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